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Sitting on the couch these horny drunk lesbians decide to let loose and have some shots of liquor. Shot after shot these drunk naked girls talk about life and decide to get closer. Laughing and having fun is always important when you want to relieve some stress and have a good time. Horny drunk lesbians are super sexy when they are tall, blonde and super thin. It just so happens that these drunk naked girls are bleach blonde and the other is brunette. While laughing and dancing around the room these drunk naked girls get wild. Grabbing the pale skinny blonde babe the drunk brunette slut pushes her to the sofa chair. Making out these drunk naked girls start stripping off each others clothes.


While taking another shot the horny blonde lesbian with short bleach blonde hair lifts up the cute brunettes shirt and begins sucking her puffy pink nipples. These pale skinny babes really seem to be having a lot of fun, its amazing what alcohol will do to people, especially when it comes to these horny drunk lesbians. Lying back on the couch the blonde babe begins to eat out the brunette’s shaved pussy. These horny drunk lesbians know how to have a good time when locked in a room with a couple of bottles of alcohol.
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Drunk College Girls On Spring Break Making Out During Wet T-Shirt Contest.


If you ever wondered what you perfect fantasy spring break would be like this is the perfect definition of it. Nothing but drunk naked women from the pool to the beach, literally everywhere. One of my favorite memories from my crazy spring break was at the beach. On a hot summer day at the beach I was sitting there drinking my usual which was jack and coke. I was getting really wet from all the sweat from the hot sun beaming onto my tan skin dreaming about a wild wet t-shirt contest. I love watching hot the drunk naked women walking by and running into the ocean trying to cool off. I hear this loud noise from the other wise of the beach by the hotel I was staying at. I walked over to investigate and there where a ton of crazy drunk naked women partying by the pool enjoying spring break like I was.


And when I looked over on the stage these sexy tan drunk women were standing on stage getting drenched in water having a wild wet t-shirt contest. Some of the drunk naked women were making out with each, god they were hot brunette lesbians. Spring break is notorious for their wild wet t-shirt contest. Getting the chance to see huge fake tits and hardy pointy nipples through a soaking wet white t-shirt, literally made my dick bulge instantly. I mean if you where watching a bunch of wet half naked sexy college girls wouldn't you get an instant boner? Drunk naked women really know just how to get me hard, especially during spring break. I tried to hide my bulge while watching this wild white t-shirt contest but these drunk naked women where so fucking hot I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.
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