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In college I went to this dorm party once that was fucking wild. I walked in and the very first thing I saw was a couple of crazy fucking drunk naked women hanging from a chandelier. If crazy wives naked in front of friends doesn’t make you stop in your track I don’t know what will. But anyways I got married pretty young and when I was in college I would always bring my husband to the frat parties so I can get naked in front of strangers and my friends at parties. I remember once my husband was talking shit about this skinny, tan brunette that was one of the wives naked in front of friends. I just remember him saying what a slut she was and he is glad that I wasn’t like with horny brunette wife with tiny tits and large areolas.


But little did he know that I couple more beer and I was going to be one of those wives naked in front of friends because all this tequila is really going to hit me hard. Sitting on this brown microfiber couch during our friend’s frat party I just see these two sexy tan brunette sluts going spread leg and begin masturbating in front of everyone! I couldn’t believe what these drunk naked women were doing. But like I said the tequila was going to hit me, and boy did it. I was feeling good and since I was so hot I didn’t care if I was one of the wives naked in front of friends. I had long blonde hair, bleach blonde to be exact. My husband had just paid for my boob job so I had perky, rock hard DDD jugs just pushing out of my button up ready to play. As I looked around the drunk naked women at this frat party where having a fucking blast. There were wives naked in front of friends sucking and fucking each others husbands without a care in the world. And once I became one of the those care free, drunk naked women I never really understood how much fun it was to be one of those wives naked in front of friends at a college frat party.
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One thing that is really common during spring break or any sort of party is people become very sexual I have noticed, especially drunk naked women. There is a lot of drunk naked girls in public walking the streets, and even fucking in public. I remember this one time I was walking through the woods, of course on a trail toward beach and I saw a group of different drunk girls flashing. At first I didn't think anything of it but when I looked closer I noticed that they were having an orgy while they were camping. Drunk naked girls in public always do the most random shit women have enough alcohol in their system. It just so happens that I actually decided to take a picture and post it on Tumblr of these drunk naked girls in public having an orgy.


I don't know why I took the picture of these drunk naked women, but I just thought it was the right thing to do. Another time I was walking home after work as usual. It was super hot and I was horny that day for some reason. I looked over and there is drunk naked girls in public bent over sucking some guys dick under the bridge. I'm guessing this drunk naked women want money for drugs or alcohol but I wasn't about to ask. I personally think that drunk naked girls in public are the best kind. Because they are very candid and don't give a fuck what anyone is thinking, so you don't ever know what drunk naked women will do. From having sex in public, to flashing their big tits, to even girl on girl lesbian action you really never know what you were going to expect when you see drunk naked girls in public.
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