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When I was young, I always fantasized about naked girls at parties. The way sorority college girls always have the perfect perky tits always made me bulge instantly. As I sat at home alone one day I decided to run myself I bath, the water was really hot. Since no one was home I turned on the latest wild flashing lesbians porn video I could find. Once I got all nice and relaxed I played the video of these two hot brunette naked girls at parties. These two wild flashing lesbians started making out while everyone is watching slowly pulling up one another's white tank tops. The one of the brunettes will had dark brown hair while the other one had long straight hair. Both these sexy wild flashing lesbians had perky tiny tits with large pink areolas.


Random side note every time I see naked girls at parties I just wonder if they ever regretted being hot in naked later in life. I highly doubt the wild flashing lesbians regret anything in life. Sitting her hot tan brunette girlfriend up on the table these wild flashing lesbians begin rubbing each others shaved clit while everyone watches. That reminds me of another time when I watched naked girls at parties run around and chase each other into the pool. I bet you that water felt really nice, that hot summer sun made me really sweaty and horny. Watching those wild flashing lesbians look at me and invited me in the water was really enticing. But I had to remember that one of the naked girls at parties was my girlfriend. But yeah I thought again about it and I probably will never have the chance again to see hot naked wild flashing lesbians fucking each other in person again, so I jumped in.
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So I’m going to tell you a little story about an experience I had during spring break.  Oh and that I personally am in love with seeing drunk naked college girls. Any ways I was invited to this house party and of course I was the one in charge of taking all the pictures of all the naked party girls that may be there. When I got there it was like any party during spring break where everyone is taking fucking shots. It’s always a contest for naked party girls to see who can drink more and get shit housed the quickest.  As the night went on everyone was having a good time, drunk naked college girls flashing their juicy perky tits and pulling down their jeans just far enough so you could see their ass cheeks. There was a hot skinny brunette letting people take body shots off of her sexy flat stomach. And of course there was that group of drunk naked college girls that every time I turned around they were showing a new group of guys their jugs.


Those naked party girls may have been total sluts but they were sure fucking hot. I walked into the bathroom because of course I had to take a piss but my dick was fucking hard as a rock. Fuck my life right. As I open the door there was this skinny pale blonde bitch sucking off a guy in the bathroom and you best believe I got a picture of that shit. Naked party girls sure do some crazy shit when they are candid and ready to have a good time. Of course I got tons of naked Tumblr and Snap Chat pictures of these drunk naked college girls. Thankfully I got had an amazing time with one of the naked party girls and man she was a hot little brunette with huge areolas. I went to pound town on that bitch if you know what I mean. Drunk naked college girls are so fucking hot but they aren’t the type I would marry because I know that they have been around the block a time or two.
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