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During spring break drunk girls flashing is everywhere you turn your head especially when you’re at a bar or the hottest night clubs around. I was standing in this exclusive night club where wet t-shirts where going on every night. How it worked was the hottest young wild party girls where all stand up in a line on stage.  And when they started playing water the rain would down on these drunk naked girls. Dancing and having fun some of the drunk girls flashing would take it to a whole new lever take off their shirt showing their big soaking wet titties. Of course the other drunk girls flashing would see that one of the young wild party girls were getting more attention than them so they would step it up.


The majority of the drunk naked girls had taken off their top by now, and they are dancing and having a good time. As these drunk girls flashing would grind on each other some young wild party girls would begin slipping off their wet white panties. Well as you know when one drunk slut gets naked all the drunk naked girls get naked. As all these young wild party girls completely naked on stage they grind their hot wet bodies on each other. The goal was do whatever these drunk girls flashing could do to win the prize money. Man it was defiantly a wild night at the bar watching all those young wild party girls.
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Sitting on the couch these horny drunk lesbians decide to let loose and have some shots of liquor. Shot after shot these drunk naked girls talk about life and decide to get closer. Laughing and having fun is always important when you want to relieve some stress and have a good time. Horny drunk lesbians are super sexy when they are tall, blonde and super thin. It just so happens that these drunk naked girls are bleach blonde and the other is brunette. While laughing and dancing around the room these drunk naked girls get wild. Grabbing the pale skinny blonde babe the drunk brunette slut pushes her to the sofa chair. Making out these drunk naked girls start stripping off each others clothes.


While taking another shot the horny blonde lesbian with short bleach blonde hair lifts up the cute brunettes shirt and begins sucking her puffy pink nipples. These pale skinny babes really seem to be having a lot of fun, its amazing what alcohol will do to people, especially when it comes to these horny drunk lesbians. Lying back on the couch the blonde babe begins to eat out the brunette’s shaved pussy. These horny drunk lesbians know how to have a good time when locked in a room with a couple of bottles of alcohol.
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